Saturday 17 September 2011

Mini reunion in 2012 - 27 October 

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So it's over - and what a night and weekend it was 

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Organised by Karen Hunter (nee Mechan), Nadine Leonard from the Morrisonian Club took some ex-classmates around the school on the Saturday afternoon. A lot of it had changed, with technology taking over, but a lot of it was exactly the same, especially the swimming pool and cubicles. Hopefully someone will add some photos to the gallery.


The Hydro put on a great buffet and supplied a ridiculous amount of drinks for the 20 pounds we paid each. Thank you to Caroline Harries (nee Ross) for using her influence and charm. I'm not sure if it could be heard over the loud buzz of chat and laughter, but Dave Shields prepared some awesome 80s tunes to make us feel at home. Much to his disappointment I had to remove the Metallica from the playlist before I could allow it to be played!


We found out some interesting things about each other on the night.

  • Joanna Jackson-Hoare (nee Robinson) has the most children with 9 - yes, NINE!!!
  • Catriona McKay has got around (sorry) and lived with the most partners.
  • Gregor Hunt has had the most jobs since leaving school - too many to count but being an actor that's perhaps not surprising
  • Adrienne Doyle (nee Starling) has the most qualifications - although this was before Fiona McCaig the transplant surgeon turned up (sorry Adrienne)
  • Gail Sinclair has dropped out of the most university courses - I put this question in on purpose knowing that I was highly unlikely to be beaten!! I've dropped out of two degree courses, a Masters and a PhD - my mom is so proud!
  • Dave Shields won the prize for the most tattoos and much to his wife's 'surprise' he then 'reluctantly' showed them off
  • Gordon Kirk then won the next two categories - most snogged guest and most unfulfilled crush on a guest, so sounds like he got a lot of action at school but could have got a lot more!
  • Only 4 guests would send their kids to Morrisons - did we really turn out so bad?
  • It seems that the grass does appear greener on the other side with equal amounts of day pupils and boarders wishing they had been the other
  • Apparently 2 and a half people lost their virginity in the Hydro Hotel or grounds - not sure what the half means...
  • Favourite teacher was unanimously Mr Dyer. This had NOTHING to do with the fact that he was our surprise guest. Thank you, Phil, for coming and I agree, PHYSICS IS FUN!
  • Duncan MacKay was the most common first snog amongst the guests
  • Greatest achievements outside of work and family among some of the guests are running a marathon, surviving cancer, owning own home, race across America, sobering up after last night, working out with Joe Calzaghe.
  • Worst job was won by Alison Louden (nee Docherty) who once had a job sweeping up cow shit.

If any of you who couldn't make it would like to add your own answers please add them on the blog.

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